Explore Water and Wastewater Operator Careers

We hire professionals who want to be leaders in the water and wastewater operations industry. Whether you have 20+ years of experience, starting a career change, or are fresh out of high school, we’ll help shape you into a leader. We actively encourage staff to gain certificates and licenses, and develop their careers

FVOP Team Member Checking the Status of Equipment

What Is a Water / Wastewater Operator Career?

A water/wastewater operator is an essential role to the health of all communities – keeping all forms of water safe, clean, and compliant for these multi-million dollar systems. Typical roles of operators include:

  • Operate and maintain wastewater and water treatment facilities systems
  • Perform troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of water and wastewater mechanical and electrical systems
  • Perform sampling and process control laboratory analysis
  • Operate and maintain pump stations, well houses and valves
  • Prepare field reports
  • General maintenance of work area and equipment

Who Would Make a Good Operator?

FVOP’s team is diverse and full of team players. We’re made up of fishers, hunters, military veterans, adventurers, gamers, singers, boaters, and all kinds of people that work hard and live to enjoy life. We work hard, play hard, and aren’t afraid to get dirty in the process. If this sounds like you, keep reading to see if you’d made a good operator:

  • Pays attention to details
  • Enjoys getting your hands dirty
  • Wants to avoid sitting behind a desk all day
  • Feels satisfied by finding ways to make things more efficient
  • Enjoys variation of daily tasks
  • Wants to become a shareholder in our company

How to Be a Water and Wastewater Treatment Operator

The best way to become a water and/or wastewater operator is simply apply! We hire staff with any amount of experience, as long as you’re willing to be a team player, be hands on, and be a leader of the water and wastewater treatment industry. 

Training is one of the highest priorities of FVOP, which is why an operator can have any amount of experience. We invest in YOU! We believe a well-trained staff is the key to efficient and effective operations services. We provide both technical training for our entry level and junior staff, project management training to our management staff and strategic training to our senior managers throughout our company. We continuously strive to train our next group of leaders. 

Regular training starts with our employee’s first day of work. As part of the on-boarding process, each new staff member is evaluated for competence in various technical and managerial areas. Short term (0-2 years) and long range (2-5 years) technical and managerial training plans are developed for each person. These training plans are individually tailored to each employee. Progress toward training goals is evaluated during our staff review process.  

More Careers

FVOP also offers non-operator roles, like Billing Specialists, Mechanical Specialists, and Control Specialists. Be sure to check our full listing of available careers!

Why Work for FVOP

Big Impact, Local Feeling

FVOP serves Michigan and Indiana, providing a small-sized firm feel with the ability to service dozens of communities like a larger-sized firm. Our executives are people you actually know and meet in person. In fact, during the summers, they come out and grill for you – because knowing our employees is important. You’re not just a number; you’re an important part of our organization. We see you.


We have over 50 shareholders from every level and division in the firm. We believe owning a piece of the rock promotes stronger commitment of the staff to the success of the firm.

Committed to Community

At FVOP, building community through volunteer services and charitable donations is as important as maintaining and operating water and wastewater facilities. We value working with purpose to create a meaningful impact. Creating and celebrating community and industry is at the heart of FVOP’s culture and we are committed to outreach through service to our clients, our communities, and our colleagues.

Community Culture

We expect our employees to work hard and provide a quality product every time. However, we also try to provide a fun and diversified workplace where staff can learn and grow as their careers progress. During the summers, we host several cookouts at our various plants to bring staff, executives, and clients together for a fun afternoon.

This commitment to staff and positive company culture was recognized with F&V Companies being awarded, for five years in a row and again in 2023, “Best & Brightest Companies to Work For” in the Nation.

Career Growth Potential

We are growth oriented and feel this provides opportunities for people to advance in their careers. FVOP encourages people to determine where their strengths lie and what areas best suit their and the company’s needs. We believe career development is an on-going dynamic process, and flexibility is the key to obtaining the best from everyone.

Education and Certification Reimbursements

FVOP actively encourages pursuing further education, training, and certifications/licenses. To support this initiative, FVOP has an Educational Assistance Policy that helps with covering the costs of these items. You are not alone; we are there for you to help you be the best operator you can be, and that starts with making sure you have the tools you need to succeed by investing in you.


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